Confined To A Cave

Confined To A Cave is available on Amazon and Kindle.

There have been a million self-help books written to help you lose weight, gain muscle and create the healthy, lean body you’ve always desired. Good news- this book is not one of them.

Imagine for a second that you are a prisoner that has been confined to a cave for your entire life. You have only known the images and shapes that appear on the wall of cave that sits in front of you to be reality. Now, pretend that somehow, you broke free from the confines of that cave, and for the first time, you were subjected to the light of the world that exists outside of it.

What would that experience be like?

This analogy helps shape the entire philosophy of a book designed not only to get you in shape, but to change your life forever. You will learn think differently, question old beliefs and challenge conventional wisdom that may be holding you back from your health and fitness goals right now.

As a prisoner confined to a cave, you are likely programmed to believe that all you need is more willpower and an increase in motivation to help you begin exercising regularly or eating better. Maybe you think a new set of genes would help, too.

In this book, you will learn that exercise and diet for the sake of exercise and diet are not the only answer to your problem. It’s when exercise and diet become habits that we don’t even think about that our lives change forever. This is how we go from only seeing the shadows on the wall of the cave to an illuminated world full of light and color.

With 12 tools you can implement today, 10 interactive do-it-yourself exercises and 60 lessons available at a moment’s notice, you can free yourself from the confines of the cave and begin living a life full of health and happiness.

All you need is this book, a pen, and a 30 day commitment. Let “Confined To A Cave: The 30-Day Mental ‘Jailbreak’ for Making Health a Lifelong Habit” be the first step in the direction of the life you’ve always dreamed of.