Three Six Thrive- The Mental Side of Goal Achievement

About a month ago, I created a post called Why I’m Shutting Down FunctionAllies, where I opened up about the journey that I’ve been on this past 18 months. In that post, I revealed that I would be releasing a new platform that would replace my daily blog posts on FunctionAllies.

I present to you Three Six Thrive, an online resource dedicated to teaching people the mental side of goal achievement.

The vision for Three Six Thrive is to establish a worldwide, community-based, online metropolis dedicated to teaching people the art of developing the internal environment (mindset, beliefs, and perceptions) necessary to reach large goals, maintain massive positive changes and live better lives.

You can check out Three Six Thrive here:

The Mental Side of Goal Achievement Podcast

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New Episodes published every Wednesday!

And last, here’s a little sample to get you started:


Happy New Year’s to you and yours, and I hope that you’ll consider joining me on this ride.



Coach K