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“Confined To A Cave: The 30-Day Mental ‘Jailbreak’ for Making Health a Lifelong Habit” is available for FREE for the next 72 hours on Amazon. The link can be found below.

Confined To A Cave: The 30-Day Mental ‘Jailbreak’ for Making Health a Lifelong Habit

The book is being offered for free for 72 hours as part of my mission to reach 1 million people through education on how to live a better life. If you have already read the book, I’d be eternally grateful if you would leave a book review for me on Amazon when you get a chance.

Below are some reviews that the book has received:

“This is a journey with tools simply laid out for you to use and put in place as you walk your path. Simplistic, yet enlightening, there’s a plethora of information helping you avoid immediate and instant gratification toward a long-term goal of change and reconstruction, leading to a more satisfied and happy life.
Mr. Kissam writes in a style both entertaining and educational without preaching or denigrating.
I’d recommend this book to anyone interested in increasing their overall health and sense of well-being.”

– Frederic Runge

“The author’s sense of humor and realness as a person total comes through in the book. The use of the cave analogy and metaphor throughout the book is just the right amount. He highlights and references the cave throughout the book but doesn’t overdo it or stretch things to make it fit. Confined to a Cave is a great book for any person who “wants to get better.” The thought process strategies in this book would help a person make positive progress in their life in any area. Highly recommend it.”


“A great “real talk” read 🙂 Will definitely recommend to anyone struggling with adapting a healthy lifestyle. Ben really hits all the important points and inspires the reader to dig deep and figure out his or her own intrinsic motivation and stresses the importance of visualizing/planning your success. In addition, Ben offers a great no nonsense introduction to training and nutrition that just might click with the new trainee who often gets caught up in the small nuances of each instead of taking a long term, big picture approach. Lastly, Ben offers strategies to help the reader come to his or her own conclusions and find solutions to every day issues which is a technique so much more valuable for integrating lasting life change rather than attempting to follow the latest advice from Health Guru XYZ. Two thumbs way, way up!!”

-Katharine A

I hope you find value in the words I’ve written. Please consider sharing this post and the kindle deal to others so that I can continue to influence other people- I am very grateful for your time. Thank you!

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